Commitment to Quality

Premium Pork Chomps are a proprietary brand of Scott Pet, a leader in the pet industry for over 40 years. Scott Pet's guiding principal has been to provide quality products that enhance a dog’s life. Keep reading to see how serious we are about our commitment to quality, you and your dogs!

Premium Pork Chomps are University Tested

As proven in a 2012 University of Illinois Department of Animal Sciences canine digestibility study, Premium Pork Chomps are 99.9% digestible. This leading veterinary college study also concluded that Premium Pork Chomps dissolve twice as fast in a dog’s intestinal system as rawhide. Click here for details on the study

Premium Pork Chomps are Vet Recommended

Dr. Joe Seward has been a practicing veterinarian for more than 25 years and "was intrigued by the University study. This was an important finding to [him] because the less time a chew spends in the intestines the less time it has of causing a blockage or other type of gastronintestinal distress." Dr. Joe concluded by saying "I personally believe that Premium Pork Chomps are a safe alternative to rawhide chews." 

Premium Pork Chomps are manufactured in a GFSI-certified facility

      ♥ Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) Certified*

      ♥ Produced in a built-just-for Pork Chomps, state-of-the-art facility

      ♥ Scott Pet is an industry leader for over 40 years

*What is GFSI Certification?

Premium Pork Chomps are manufactured in a state-of the-art facility built in 2013 that has been certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). GFSI is an international organization formed in 2000 to establish consistent regulations for human food production. These global food safety standards address food, packaging, packaging material, storage and distribution. Scott Pet is proud of the dedication, hard work and commitment to quality that was required to earn the GFSI certification. The Scott Pet Pork Chomps facility is one of the few pet manufacturing facilities in the world to receive GFSI certification. The ultimate goal was to give our retailers and consumers the highest level of confidence and quality assurance in Premium Pork Chomps products.

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