Pork Chomps for Tiny Dogs 

Suggested Items for Weaned Puppies  & Dogs up to 15 lbs

Specialty Health Puppy Chews For Tiny Dogs


Healthy puppy chews and safe, healthy, non rawhide chews for small dogs are ideal for training rewards and for offering an anytime treat. Choosing healthy dog chews for puppies and tiny dogs less than 15 pounds is important as digestive problems can be particularly problematic for these two groups.


By including our Pork Chomps chews, which are vet-recommended rawhide alternatives for puppies, owners can feel good about providing a safe, healthy chew any puppy will love.


With both roasted and baked options as well as bacon, chicken, and assorted flavors, our safe chews for puppies will become your go-to chew to keep your energetic puppy productively busy. We even offer mini knots which are perfect for the tiniest of breeds.

The Healthy Advantage


The rawhide used in the production of puppy and dog chews poses a very real risk of digestive upset and blockages. This is due to its low digestibility. Our healthy dog chews for puppies, on the other hand, are 99.9% digestible, making them tiny dog and puppy safe treats.


All of our chew bones for puppies are puppy sized. They provide a variety of shape and flavor to appease the pickiest pups. With different options in healthy chew bones for puppies from strips to chips and mini knots to drumsticks, we know owners will find the ideal puppy chew.


As the puppy grows, owners can move from puppy chew sticks to chews sized for larger dogs in Pork Chomps products. We offer a full line for small to large dogs, making it easy to find the perfect treat for your pet.