Our Solution For A Healthy, Long Lasting Rawhide Alternative

One of our main focuses at Scott Pet is to develop healthy, nutritious options for our beloved four-legged friends. We know dogs are more than just a pet, they are a member of the family. Treating our dogs to healthy, quality chews is something we all agree upon.

In 2006, we first started marketing our long lasting rawhide alternative. We wanted to provide pet owners, and our own pets, with a safer, better tasting and healthy alternative.

The Healthy Alternative

We knew we did not want to offer any type of rawhide product, so we started looking for something different. We discovered a way to use pork skin to create healthy, safe and great tasting chews of all sizes. Instead of deep frying pork skin to make pork rinds, we experimented with baking the skin.

With our unique process, we can render 70% of the fat out of the pork skin. This leaves enough fat to create a delicious chew for the dog which is highly palatable. Then, we rolled and shaped the long lasting rawhide alternative into knots, braids, ears, twists, pressed bones and rolls.

In addition, we created a few different flavors. These include chicken, sweet potato, peanut butter, duck and bacon, all favorites with dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. Of course, it is important always to supervise a dog when consuming a chew and never give chews to puppies until they have been weaned and are safely managing kibble.

As a long lasting rawhide alternative, dogs can consume the entire chew. They will not leave slimy messes on the floor, and safe for your pet to enjoy in the home as well as outside.

To learn more about our healthy dog chews, check out our website and our product listings today.

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