The Importance Of Creating Our Alternative To Rawhide Chews

At Scott Pet, we produce a range of different pet products. We are also proud dog owners ourselves, with all of our staff fully committed to providing safe, healthy alternatives for owners of all types of dogs.

We recognized the danger of feeding rawhide to our beloved animals. We listened to vets and to breeders, animal nutritionists and dog owners who had experience in the dangers of feeding this by-product of the leather processing industry.

We decided we would take on the challenge of creating a healthy alternative to rawhide chews that dogs really loved. We also wanted to create a product that was reasonably priced, and that dog owners could feel great about giving their pets.

The Challenge

Our team developed the unique process and method we use in the manufacturing of our Pork Chomps healthy alternative to rawhide chews. We discovered the process of baking pork skin could remove 70% of the fat, leaving a crispy, crunchy and highly digestive material to form into our alternative to rawhide chews.

Through digestibility testing, we found that our alternative to rawhide chews was 99.9% digested in 24 hours, while the rawhide chews were still 15-50% undigested. This even impressed the vets who reviewed the study and product, which is why our Pork Chomp products are now vet recommended.

Next, we got creative with our basic recipe. We developed a full line of different shapes and sizes to fit all types of dogs and all types of chewers. We also designed some amazing flavors including duck, beef, sweet potato, bacon, chicken and pepperoni.

We continue our commitment to providing only the healthiest and safest possible chews for dogs of all ages and sizes. Made only in GFSI certified facilities and with the highest quality standards, we know your dog will love our chews.

To find out more about our products, or to find a Pork Chomps retailer near you, visit us online.

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