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Tips For Finding The Perfect Pig Skin Chews For Dogs

Anyone who has dogs can tell you each dog, just like each person, has his or her own favorite flavors, foods and toys. At Scott Pet we know dogs, so we have created a full line of pig skin chews for dogs that has something for every dog.

To help dog owners get started, here are some helpful tips to allow you to match our pig skin chews for dogs to your pet. This will ensure you choose the ideal size, shape, and flavor for your dog.

Sizing of Chews

To make things easier, we have pre-selected chews that are ideal for dogs of different sizes. This includes weight categories as well as a special line of chews for weaned puppies.

The smaller the dog, the smaller the pig skin chews for dogs. However, if you have a very aggressive chewer or a dog that is prone to swallowing items whole, consider moving up one size for safety. We do not recommend giving large dogs chews that are too small for them to avoid swallowing whole.

It is important always to supervise a puppy or a dog enjoying any type of chew bone. We also recommend just one bone a day, and they are not meant to be a substitute for a meal.

Options in Shapes and Flavors

Dogs love variety, so we make a range of shapes and flavors in our baked pork skin dog chews. We recommend you try out all the flavors; we offer some assorted flavor bags to give your dog some different tastes.

We also provide braids, knots, pressed bones, twists, wraps and even the traditional look of our Pork Earz, and the unique shapes of our pork skin bagels.

To find a retailer of Pork Chomps near you, use our handy retailer locator.

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