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A Closer Look At Our Healthy Dog Chews


When it comes to healthy dog chews, we understand there is a lot of difference between dogs. We have created a full line of Pork Chomps for dogs made from natural, baked pork skin, a healthy rawhide alternative for puppies through to senior dogs.


Our non rawhide bones come in a variety of sizes ideal for puppies, toy breeds, small dogs all the way through to the giant breeds.

We offer the best non rawhide bones with 99.9% digestibility, providing safe, healthy alternatives to rawhide bones all dog owners can feel great about giving to their pets.


As a rawhide bones alternative, Pork Chomps are healthy chews for dogs. Not only are they healthy, but they are also preferred by dogs nine to one over traditional types of potentially dangerous rawhide.

Options in Pork Chomps

Our pork skin chews for dogs come in baked, roasted, bacon, duck, sweet potato options and more. They are delicious and offer the same rawhide free dog bones you can feel good to share. As healthy chew bones for dogs, they should be selected for the size of dog. We provide an easy to use size guide with our recommended products categorized by size of dog. Our variety of Pork Chomps dog chews includes pork skin rolls, pork skin twists, pork chop bones, pork ribs, knots, chips, strips, earz and more.


As with any type of dog chew bones, we recommend supervising your pet when he or she is enjoying our rawhide free dog bones. Puppies and aggressive chewers may benefit from a slightly larger bone or a unique shape in our no rawhide bones to prevent swallowing large pieces.


To find your local Pork Chomps retailers to purchase the best rawhide free bones on the market, use our handy find a retailer tool. For more information on non rawhide bones, browse our FAQ section.

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