Top Reasons To Choose Pork Chomps Rawhide Alternatives

Taking care of our dogs and providing them with a healthy rawhide alternative is part of being a responsible dog owner. At Pork Chomps, we are here to provide dog owners with safe rawhide alternatives that your dog will love. Our digestible rawhide alternatives for dogs are made with baked pork skin, similar to the pork rinds or cracklings so popular with humans.

Our rawhide alternative for puppies and dogs of all sizes, breeds, and ages make a tasty chew. As an alternative to rawhide chews for dogs, they are also great tasting as a naturally delicious baked product, roasted chew bones or our chicken and bacon flavored rawhide free dog chews just to name a few.

There are several reasons why smart dog owners are choosing our dog rawhide alternative chews. To understand these reasons, here are a few we hear from our satisfied customers.

Made in GFSI Certified Facilities


All of our non rawhide dog chews are made in GFSI certified facilities. This means they are produced, packaged and stored according to the same regulations for the production of human food.


Reduced Risk of Blockages


As an alternative to rawhide chews, our Pork Chomps products do not build up in the digestive tract. This means less chance of developing serious blockages.


High Percentage of Digestibility


A safe alternative to rawhide, our non rawhide chews are 99.9% digested within 24 hours. This is not just better for the dog's digestive tract; it is critical for their well- being.


Dog Preferred


Dogs prefer our long lasting rawhide alternative Pork Chomps chews 9 to 1 over rawhide. We think this is a pretty clear indication of why owners need to make the switch from rawhide to our safe, tasty and dog-preferred non rawhide chews.