The Importance Of Non Rawhide Bones For Dog Health And Well-Being

Dogs, just like people, have a range of natural behaviors. One of the natural behaviors for dogs which can create a problem if not properly channeled is chewing. Most puppies and dogs are prone to chewing, so providing non rawhide bones are a safe, healthy and practical option for dog owners.

The choice of non rawhide dog bones is also a great way for any dog to have time to chew. This is a calming behavior for most dogs, and with our Pork Chomps alternatives to rawhide bones, dog owners can feel good about sharing the best rawhide free pork bones on the market with their beloved pet.


Tooth and Gum Health

In addition to providing a safe way to engage in their natural behavior, our digestible rawhide free bones can also help to support healthy canine teeth and gums. The addition of no rawhide dog bones to the oral care routine for any dog will help in scraping plaque off the teeth and from the gum line, keeping teeth white and clean.

Healthy Rewards

Having the ability to give your dog our rawhide bones alternative chews is also a step in maintaining your dog's digestive health. Our healthy chew bones for dogs are 99.9% digested within 24 hours, as reported by a study at the University of Illinois.

This means our healthy dog bones do not build up in the digestive tract, eliminating the possibility of blockage which is linked to the consumption of rawhide. With size options for various breeds of dogs, you can find the best non rawhide bones for your pet in our product lines.

Safer and Longer Lasting

Our digestible rawhide free bone chews for dogs are produced in GFSI certified plants, which means they use the same standards as for human food production.


Additionally, our digestible dog bones are long lasting, providing a satisfying chewing experience we know your dogs are going to love.