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Take the challenge. Try Pork Chomps today!

Your dog will thank you for it. 

Snap a picture of your dog with Pork Chomps, hashtag #porkchomps on Facebook or Instagram, and enter for a chance to win a Pork Chomps Gift Basket packed with our delicious products.

Premium Pork Chomps

100% Rawhide-Free

Vet Recommended

Dr. Joe Seward, a practicing veterinarian for more than 25 years, “was intrigued by a University of Illinois study published in 2012.” Dr. Seward said “this was an important finding to me because the less time a chew spends in the intestines the less time it has of causing a blockage or other type of gastrointestinal distress. I personally believe that Pork Chomps are a safe alternative to rawhide chews.”

University tests have proven that Pork Chomps are 99.9% digestible and digest faster than rawhide.  

What are Pork Chomps?

  • Pork Chomps are the “World’s Most Perfect Dog Chew!”

  • A 100% rawhide-free dog chew made from baked pork skin

  • Preferred 9 to 1 over beef rawhide

  • Use a patented process removing 70% of the pork’s fat which creates a low-fat, cleaner and healthier dog chew

  • Completely edible. Mess-free and odor-free because your dog will eat the whole thing!

  • Safe to give to weaned puppies and help to satisfy your dog’s innate desire to chew

  • Pork Chomps come in a broad range of shapes & flavors including pepperoni, peanut butter, chicken, sweet potato, duck, and bacon!

Pork Chomps Shapes


Twists: Twists are long-lasting dog chews made of baked pork skin and wrapped in a Flavor Strip. Pork Chomps Twists accommodate almost all dog sizes and the great flavor variety is guaranteed to tickle the taste buds of your furry friend!

ROLLS:  Pork Chomps Rolls are 8-10″ in length and are the perfect dog chew for dogs ranging from medium to extra-large in size. Rolls are offered in a variety of mouth-watering flavors that will get your dog’s tail wagging!


KNOTS: What's not to love about Pork Chomps Knots? We've taken the baked pork skin and knotted it into the traditional shape that dogs adore. The variety of flavors is sure to please any pup.




VARIETY: No matter the mood, Pork Chomps will surely have a shape and flavor to please! We have oven baked pork skin shaped into Chips, Strips, Earz, Ribz, Braids and Pressed Bones to help keep your furry friend happy.


Dogs Love Pork Chomps - The Premium Vet Recommended Dog Chews


When it comes to our dogs, we love giving them healthy, safe and delicious treats. At Pork Chomps, we have developed a full product line of healthy rawhide alternative chews for dog chews of all ages and sizes.


Our vet recommended dog chews are made from baked pork skin, a proprietary process which removes 70% of the fat, leaving tasty, healthy dog chews which are preferred by dogs and owners 9 to 1 over traditional beef rawhide chews.


These highly digestible dog chews are safe for your dog, with 99.9% digestibility within 24 hours, as reported by a University of Illinois Department of Animal science canine digestibility study first published in 2012. This is over twice the speed of the dog's body to digest the same percentage of rawhide, which means less risk of blockages and digestive upset, common issues found in dogs chewing on rawhide.

Safety for Your Pets


Our pork skin chews for dogs are made in Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified facilities. The certification ensures these healthy chews for dogs are processed within the same standards and regulations used for human food production.


Additionally, unlike rawhide, which is a byproduct of leather production, our healthy dog chews are all natural. They are safe dog chews that dogs love naturally.

Try Our Natural Pig Skin Chews for Dogs


As a concerned dog owner, we understand how important it is to give the best possible chews to your dog. Pork Chomps are safe for weaned puppies and considered healthy puppy chews. The next time you are buying dog chews try Pork Chomps. We know your dogs will love you for it, and you can feel great about providing healthy, vet recommended dog treats for your four-legged companion.

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