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Pork Chomps vs. Rawhide

Most dogs seem to really like rawhide chews, but it's not the rawhide that got their attention. They were tricked into thinking they liked it after it was basted, smoked, stuffed or wrapped with flavors they couldn't resist.


But the truth is - rawhide just isn't good for them.


Even if your dog doesn’t seem to have problems with rawhide, it doesn’t mean they are feeling their best. Rawhide can stay in the system for days, seriously gumming up the works. It’s uncomfortable – and in some dogs, it can cause severe blockages, which require surgery to remove.


Pork Chomps offers an an alternative to rawhide. Now your dogs can continue enjoying their chew time without sacrificing digestive health.

Move over rawhide... Pork Chomps are here and dogs everywhere are so happy!

Pork Chomps Are Safe, Tasty & Healthy Rawhide Alternatives!

Dog owners and vets have long known the dangers of giving a dog a rawhide bone. Rawhide, a by-product of the production of leather, has been linked to issues with digestive blockages for dogs, some which can be life-threatening.


To address these very serious issues, the team at Pork Chomps has developed a full line of rawhide alternatives. These are a tasty, safe and ideal option for a puppy to a senior dog to enjoy a healthy dog rawhide alternative without the potential risks.

The Benefits

There are several benefits our rawhide alternatives offer for canines of all ages. They are a natural product, made from baked pork skin in a process to remove 70% of the fat. Just like people love the flavor of pork rinds, dogs love our chews! We offer a wide variety of flavors like chicken, bacon, pepperoni, or just plain baked. This means there is something for even the pickiest pup! 


In addition, and perhaps most important, is the digestibility of our rawhide alternatives for dogs. In a 2012 study by the University of Illinois. Pork Chomps, our healthy rawhide alternative, was 99.9% digested within 24 hours. This is much better than rawhide, which is still 15%-50% undigested in the gut in the same time period.


With almost 100% digestibility in 24 hours, there is less risk of blockages resulting in the stomach and intestines for the dogs, a significant issue with traditional rawhide chews. Additionally, with our safe alternative to rawhide, owners have the peace of mind in knowing this is a product made for consumption, not a by-product of the leather industry which was never made to be consumed.


For a healthy, long-lasting rawhide alternative, try our line of Pork Chomps. We know your dog will love you for it, and you can feel great about providing a healthy, vet recommended dog chew.

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