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Our Story

Scott Pet launched Pork Chomps as a proprietary brand in 2006 as our most revolutionary product to date! Most of us here at Scott Pet are pet owners; it is as important to us as to you to provide healthy and safe products for our canine family members. We have known for years that rawhide chews for dogs were not safe, and that is what propelled us to develop Pork Chomps. Pork Chomps are a game-changer in the world of dog chews – there truly is nothing as safe, healthy and palatable on the market. The bottom line is it doesn’t get more perfect than Pork Chomps! 

About Us

At Pork Chomps, we know that pets are an integrated part of the family! We pride ourselves on our understanding of dogs, their needs, and what is best for their health and overall happiness. 

Other Resources

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